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FoodPRO foodservice Distributor in MD, VA, WV, & DC
FoodPRO foodservice Distributor in MD, VA, WV, & DC
FoodPRO foodservice Distributor in MD, VA, WV, & DC
FoodPRO foodservice Distributor in MD, VA, WV, & DC

You can count on FoodPRO to deliver!

FoodPRO is a trusted wholesale restaurant supplier and food-service distributor of fresh cut steaks, fish, and produce, as well as non-perishable groceries and food service supplies. FoodPRO has distributed food to their loyal clientele for over 70 years throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

On top of our quality assurance guarantee, you also know that all of our employee-owners care about meeting your food-service distributing needs. That is why we are able to provide and deliver more perfect orders to our customers than anyone else in our entire six state market area.

Don't waste your valuable time and money correcting delivery mistakes — instead, place your next order with FoodPRO!

FoodPRO is a Foodservice Distributor and provides restaurant supply in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

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Operators Edge
July 2015 from FoodPRO

Gluten-Free Market Trends

Our trend data shows the gluten-free target audience to be 44 million strong. In order to understand the dynamic growth trends taking place in the gluten- free market it is important to understand gluten and its relationship to: celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. With several different gluten-free motivations, marketing to these different consumer groups can be a challenge....More...

Increase Sales with Back-to-School Promotions

Some parents will celebrate - and some will cry - but all will prepare for the back-to -school season. Here are a few ideas that will help you maximize sales in your operation as the new school year approaches...More...

It's Time to Get Back to Back-to-School Marketing

For local retailers, salons, restaurants and other
businesses that stand to benefit if back-to-school
shoppers decide to visit their stores, it might seem
like mid-summer; but in reality, the time is right for
them to get back to back-to-school marketing...More...

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